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"Run Invisible"

A unique, ufo/alien/conspiracy - action/mystery/ drama (set to some very cool music).

Run Invisible Season 1 Preview


Pete Hale is a veteran chaser working for the enigmatic Department 71

Hale's time in the field may be coming to a close. Younger perhaps hungrier chasers want their shot. But Hale's not going to give up his job that easy.

What is Department 71 and what is its function? Who is being chased and why?

As you may soon suspect people and things just may not be who and what they appear to be.

Prepare yourself to be drawn into the secrets of Department 71 and the characters that populate the world of Run Invisible.

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The Run Invisible Cast & Crew

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"There's no time to question who you are. Just start running and don't look back."
Kelli Lessie and Kyle Katz
"Run Invisible"
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